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90's The Demo Decade

studio from the 90'sIn the late 80's I got serious again about songwriting. I acquired a 4-track cassette deck and started making demos. Every now and then I would put them into a collection and give them to friends. Here's a picture of where it all happened.

The recording quality was not all that great. Recording on cassettes gives you lousy frequency response right from the start. I'm not going to redo most of them or even clean up a lot of the old recordings but I will salvage a few of them to share with you here.

BTW I wore that cassette deck out and learned a lot in the process. If you really want to write and record songs, that's a good place to start. Now you can get 4 or even 8 track digital recorders for what that old machine cost. Today most of the outboard gear you see in the picture has its function performed digitally right in the computer. That would include the recorders, sequencer, mixer, equalizer and effects.

Instant Gratification
  • I'll make it easy for you. There's a lot of stuff listed down below but here's what you can listen to right now:
  • Tracks:
    Lunatic On The Loosefrom a practice tape3:17play3.1(inst)
    Sweet Lady Mercymix 3/17/053:59play2.8
    Chocolate Sodamix 3/20/054:24play3.0
    Julia Why?mix 3/19/055:27play3.7
  • The Songs:

Raise Your Voice (1991)

While Rome Burned (1990)

Untitled (1989)

PolyChronopolis (1988)
  • (blurb)
  • Track List
    1Never The Twain Shall Meet····(inst)
    2Time Alone With You····(inst)
    3Ear Candy····(inst)
    4Day of Rest····(inst)
    5Ain't Too Proud To Bop····(inst)
    6Here Or There····(inst)
    7Simple Samba····(inst)
    8Is It Mine····(inst)
  • (The Songs)

With Bob Aubert (1990-92?)

Miscellaneous uncollected (1988-94)

That's about it for the 90's. Let's move forward to a new Millennium!

Thanks for listening.

J W Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

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