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Have You Lost Your Boyfriend Yet?

words and music by JW Hanberry

FAWM 2018

Liner Notes:

Tags: retro, pop, cowbell

The title of this bit of retro pop came from a couple of real old guys talking about cheesy lines to meet women. It's overproduced for FAWM but after skirmishing all weekend I couldn't listen to another one mic, guitar vocal thing.


Doug Brown Custom Telecaster (rhythm)
'64 Fender Jaguar (lead)


Amp: '67 Fender Dual Showman


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Have You Lost Your Boyfriend Yet?

I saw you walkin' down the street with some guy
The creepy way he looked at you 
Made me wonder why
You look like a real go getter
I'm sure that you can do better
Sticky situation, I didn't want to be shy

You got a style that I couldn't  forget
But you have'nt lost your boyfriend yet.

You walked on by so I went home on my own
An' I sure would like to call you up on the phone
But I don't have your number, 
Guess I'll have to postpone
Drift away to slumber and dream alone

Oh well
I might say somethin' that I'd regret
Like have you lost your boyfriend yet?

He's just like a nasty habit
Not easy to get rid of
He's hoppin' around like a rabbit
When I could give you true, true love.

[gtr vs]

Please don't leave me waitin'
Or hang me out to dry
Together we'd be great 'n
Ain't no reason not to try.

I know we'd by happy,  it's a sure bet
Have you lost your boyfriend yet?
It might take a while, and I wouldn't sweat
But you haven't lost your boyfriend yet!
Why ain't you lost your boyfriend yet?
Haven't you lost your boyfriend yet?

2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

Thanks for listening.

J W Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

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