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Take The Bait

words and music by JW Hanberry

FAWM 2018

Liner Notes:

Originally from a skirmish with the challenging prompt from @jibbidy34. This song took a while to learn so the skirmish demo was a short mess. Got it figured out and worked the lyrics a little bit. Got the band tracks together with a little BG vox and here's the new improved version. I'm not sure what's a verse and what's a chorus so I called the part with the title (refrain) the chorus.

Original notes:
So to not repeat myself too much this time I decided to use an odd time. I was going to use 5/4 which I'm not too good at but the prompt and lyric put me in seven which is usually a breeze but this was really hard to pull off even to the rough sketch you hear. Gotta keep pushin'.


'94 Fender Mexi-Telecaster (chunk rhythm, lead)
'78 Marshall Mk II
Doug Brown Custom Telecaster (chink rhythm)
'76 MusicMan 212-65


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Take The Bait

Chorus 1
I've been lurkin' here
Hope you're comin' near to
Take the bait, take the bait

I've been waitin' to see
What becomes of you and me.
Take the bait, take the bait

Oooh the anticipation
Makes me just a little bit crazy
Oooh ongoing flirtation
Keeps me up at night with the way you amaze me

Ch 2
I've been thinkin' 'boutcha don't 
Want to live withoutcha just
Take the bait, take the bait

We could have a drink or two
I'd give you a wink and you'd
Take the bait, take the bait

Oooh I've been waitin' for so long
Gettin' close to bein' a distraction
Oooh I've been tryin' to be strong 
What I got to do to get a reaction

Ch3 Gtr 

Oooh in another dimension
We could be the daily double
Oooh 'n' I just have to mention
We could get into some intentional trouble

I do what I can do
Always hopin that you will
Take the bait, take the bait

I even played dress up
Hopin' you would mess up and
Take the bait, take the bait

Oooh what was I thinkin'
Drivin' myself into madness
Oooh my options are shrinkin'
Headin' down the road to perpetual sadness.

I'll be hurtin' forever
Only because you never 
Take the bait, take the bait
Take the bait, take the bait

2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

Thanks for listening.

J W Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

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