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Gonna Take Time

words and music by JW Hanberry

FAWM 2018

Liner Notes:

tags: cowcore, cowbell, odd time signature, rock
The chorus came to me while cooking breakfast. The rest was a bit of a puzzle to put together the all the pieces. Still not sure if it should have a pre-chorus. It's fun to play but the shifting meters make it hard to sing. It's 7/8 and 2/4 for those counting but I put it in my DAW as fast 7/4 4/4 'cause Sonar doesn't handle x/8 very well.


Doug Brown Custom Telecaster (rhythm)
'86 G&L Rampage (Lead)


'78 Marshall Mk II
Real Tube II preamp (on lead gtr)


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Gonna Take Time

When life hands you lemons
Got to make lemonade
Turnin' something sour into sweet

If you're feelin' hemmed in
You can start your own parade
Get up and let the laughter fill the street

It's gonna take time
To (So) let it happen
Let it happen
Gonna take time
To make it feel alright
Gonna take time
Feels so good to get your fingers snappin'
It'll take shape, no escapin'
It's gonna take time.

One day I lost my lover
Didn't make the grade
How I miss the passion and the heat

But Whatever I've discovered
Still wish that she had stayed
Meanwhile I'm stuck feeling incomplete

It's gonna take time
To forget about you
Forget about you
Gonna take time
To heal my broken heart
Gonna take time
'til I'm not in a sweat about you
Changin' my mindset about you
Is gonna take time.

Bridge Gtr

[1st ch]

2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

Thanks for listening.

J W Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

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