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Headache Or A Heartache

words and music by JW Hanberry

FAWM 2018

Liner Notes:

A skirmish tune to begin with. Here's the updated version. TAXI wanted a classic rock sounding track so I'm sending them this. Closest to classic rock I've done in a while. Funny, I used to play it when it was current rock. ;)


'74 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (rhythm)
'86 G&L Rampage (lead)


'78 Marshall Mk II
Real Tube II preamp on lead

Original notes: With a nod to Poison. Fun prompt. Can't wait to put bass, drums and electrics to this.
Guitars: Guild D-25


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Headache Or A Heartache

I know somethin's been gettin' you down
I can hear it in your voice
Hope it don't stop you from comin' around
But that's gotta be your choice

I can offer a back rub or a cold drink
That's about the best I can do
Maybe in time if you could read my mind,
You'd know how much I care for you

Is it a headache or a heartache?
Which one is holdin' you back
Do you see red when you're blue instead
Or does it all just fade into black?


In times like this it's easy to miss
Good intentions of a friend
I won't insist but don't try to resist
You'll feel better in the end

Lately you've been in somethin' of a mood
Walkin' 'round your head in a cloud
Now I don't want to seem nosy or rude
But I'm askin' you right out loud

Headache?  Heartache?
Headache?  Heartache.


[ch] [ch]

2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

Thanks for listening.

J W Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

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