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Love's Silver Lining

words and music by Larry W Jones and JW Hanberry

50/90 2018

Liner Notes:

When I read someone's lyrics I'm looking first for a meter in the lines that I can sing. Then it has to be a story I can sell as a singer. This is the fifth time I've done a @Kingwood Kowboy song. I love finding a lyric that works. As usual I changed a couple of words and added the bridge but he never seems to mind too much. A while back I bought a set of brush kit samples from Loop Loft. I've been meaning to assemble them into a Sonar Session Drummer kit. It's a bit of a chore but I did it for this one. I feel like I'm in charge of Session Drummer now and don't have to feel pushed around. Wink The drums are way back in the cut but then that's the idea with brushes.


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Love’s Silver Lining

Words and music by Larry W Jones and JW Hanberry

You’re the first to see a silver lining
When dark storm clouds roll out across the sea
You’re the first when there needs some defining
As to what love is really meant to be

So dear, why am I the first in sorrow
When I see the dream was never meant to be
Could it be that in some fine tomorrow
You will see love’s silver lining is me

You’re the first to hear a red robin sing
When the Spring time brings new leaves to the tree
You’re the first to see all of everything
But my love is the last thing you can see


Clouds can have a silver lining
It may just turn out fine
I truly believe it
If you just put your hand in mine

Inst Vs

Oh why oh why

Could it be that in some bright tomorrow
You’ll see love’s silver lining is me

©2018 Larry W Jones and John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

Thanks for listening.

J W Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

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