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Blues All Over

Words and Music by JW Hanberry

from The Trouble Boys album, "Blues All Over" 2003 - Last Chance Records, Seattle, WA, USA

Liner Notes:

Spooky stuff.


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Blues All Over

Vs.	When I woke up this mornin',
	I had the blues all over me.
	The blues was in my eyes, 'n my ears, 'n my nose 'n my throat,
	Don't you just know how disgustin' that can be.
	Well except for you, my friend,
	Nobody gets the blues like me.

Vs.	I ate some blues for breakfast,
	And then the blues dropped by for tea,
	It was instant blues for dinner,
	I sipped a few blues watchin' TV.
	Feels like my life has fallin' in a cesspool
	And I got the blues all over me.

Vs.	You know these blues is so damn bad
	But I know what I'm gonna do
	The blues is such a nasty thing
	Kinda like steppin' in doggy doo
	Misery sure loves company, baby,
	I'm gonna smear my blues all over you.

	1990 - John W. Hanberry
	All Rights Reserved

Thanks for listening.

J W Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

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