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Texas Daddy

words and music by JW Hanberry

from The Trouble Boys CD Blues All Over

Liner Notes:

Just a little song about my Daddy.


'86 G&L Rampage (lead)


'78 Marshall Mk II
Real Tube II preamp (lead)


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Texas Daddy

Vs 1	My Daddy came from Texas and he gave me this advice
	Said itís a big, bad, wicked world, sometimes it ainít so nice
	So before you get yourself in too much trouble
	Better think about it twice.
	Think about it twice.

Vs 2	His hair was white, his eyes were bright, face wizened by the sun,
	Sometimes you got to stand your ground, he said, sometimes you got to run.
	If you get invited to a knife fight
	Be sure to bring your gun.

Ch	Donít let some fool talk you into bein' who you're not
	Don't be afraid to make the harder choice
	Make your plan, take your stand
	Tell 'em who you am in your own voice.

Vs 3	(So) if you're lost in Texas (and you're) waitin' for the bus
	And you're sick and tired of rattlesnakes, scorpions and dust
	You might decide to take a ride
	Be careful who you trust.

		©2000 - John W. Hanberry
		  All Rights Reserved

Thanks for listening.

J W Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

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