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Once In A Lifetime

words and music by JW Hanberry

from The Trouble Boys CD Blues All Over

Liner Notes:

About honest to goodness true love. The Boys did a real nice job on this.


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Once In A Lifetime

Vs 1	Came across an old love letter,
	You sent me long ago
	I could smell your sweet perfume
	It hangs around those places we used to go.

	Your words so soft and gentle
	Like your touch I do recall
	Honey, your hot breath burned my lips
	Oh those steamy nights, when we had it all

Ch 	Once in a lifetime
	Might find somethin' like what we had
	Now that you've run away, baby
	I'll spend a lifetime feelin' sad (so bad)
	If I had a lifeline
	I'd make a call to you
	Looks like my time ran out, darlin'
	I'm lookin' at a lifetime of the blues

Vs 2	Been down some long, long roads
	Since them days when we was young and sweet
	Ain't it somethin' how life goes on and on
	In the end your still incomplete

	Now and then I get to thinkin
	'Bout the things we used to do
	I can't help wonderin' baby
	Sometimes late at night, you might be thinkin' too


Br.	Wait a minute…
	We've still got time
	Take a minute
	There's time on the clock
	Our hearts may be right.


		©2000 - John W. Hanberry
		  All Rights Reserved

Thanks for listening.

J W Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

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