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Second Hand Smoke

Trouble Boys-Blues All OverMy new solo album, "Second Hand Smoke" is now available at CD Baby

You can also download mp3's at iTunes and

For clips and such go to the Second Hand Smoke homepage

CD Baby

Big Fix 2006

Big Fix 2006

I contributed some music to this and receive nothing for it but warm fuzzies. 8) There is a clip with one of my songs at youTube

It is a very good cause. For more info

Ban Bans

Ban Bans

Click on the sticker to order your very own.

Blues All Over

Trouble Boys-Blues All Over A few years ago I played guitar in, The Trouble Boys.   We were a rocking' blues band out of Seattle.  Listen close and you can still hear clips from our album "Blues All Over".  Trouble Boys favicon

Or you can just buy it!   Buy the CD


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