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Wahoo, itís finally Spring! Time to get outside, clear out the garden and maybe squeeze in one more ski trip. While youíre enjoying it, please remember to keep me posted in advance regarding any planned absences. Daylight saving or not, my cancellation policy (below) still applies. Note that, in April, Monday students will have only 2 lessons, Tue & Wed students will have 3 lessons. Please adjust your payments accordingly.

Barring any emergency updates, this will be your final newsletter as I will be leaving the area at the end of June (see below) As nostalgic as this might seem, donít put it away in your scrapbook just yet. Fly it proudly from the bulletin board so youíll see it as your headed out for a walk in the sun. This is your official notification, subject to change, of when Iíll be teaching and when I wonít including the "Spring Break".

No lessons 4/5-4/11/14. Lessons will resume Monday 4/14/2014.

No lessons 4/28-5/2/14. Lessons will resume Monday 5/5/2014.

My last day of instruction is June 18, 2014. Lessons will not resume. (See below)

Apr '14 Calendar
May '14 Calendar
Jun '14 Calendar

Hail and Farewell

In my life Iíve had a lot of different jobs. Iíve been a kitchen helper, unloaded trucks, painted boats and houses and run a dry-dock on Lake Union. Iíve managed a non-profit and a music store that didnít make a profit. Iíve been a full charge bookkeeper, a tax preparer, computer programmer and sold Time-Life books over the phone. Iíve pruned trees, caught planks at the bad end of a lumber mill and been a school janitor. Iíve composed music for film and played shows all over the Western US and Canada in rock Ďní roll bands. Except for the music part, Iíve never stayed with a job very long. Now I look up and Iíve been teaching for twenty five years! I am most thankful that I finally found something with which I was comfortable.

Though I was born and raised in Los Angeles, Iíve lived in and around Seattle for most of my life . Now itís time to move on. The sale of my house of 28 yrs will close May 1. Assuming I can find temporary housing, I will be sticking around until the end of school. Then I will be going to California to take care of family business there. Once thatís done Iím off to the woods of Kentucky or maybe Tennessee. Weíll see how this grand adventure goes. In the meanwhile I will do all that I can to help you find a new teacher so you may continue your study. I will keep my phone number until I get settled somewhere. Email, website, Facebook etc. will all remain the same. If you want to keep in touch, that would be great. It would be wonderful to hear about concerts, bands, recordings, grammy nominations or whatever.

As always You can listen to my music on Spotify. Just search for JWHanberry. Same if you want to download tracks from iTunes. My album is ďSecond Hand SmokeĒ. Better yet, if you want a CD at the special student price ($8), just let me know. The Trouble Boys album, ďBlues All OverĒ is not available online but I have a few copies left for $8 as well. You can also find unreleased tracks at my website under the ďSongwriterĒ tab.

This has been a wonderful ride. I appreciate each of you for supporting me all these years and I will always remember this time and you, my friends, fondly. Thank you from my heart.

Always remember that different schools have different schedules. Never assume that I am following any of them.

Please remember my Cancellation Policy:
Cancel 48 hrs in advance, no charge.
24-48 hrs, 1/2 charge.
Less than 24 hrs, full charge.
No exceptions.
Contact me by phone (voicemail OK, no text), email or this website only.


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