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February Album Writing Month - 2015

February Album Writing Month AKA FAWM is an international activity in which participants attempt to write 14 songs in 28 days. 2015 was the 12th annual event with over 2,500 participants worldwide. There were 10,934 songs written. 461 songwiters, myself included, met the challenge of writing 14 songs in the month of February. While I have known about FAWM for a while and even collaborated with someone once, this is the first time I've been fully involved. It was a most amazing experience.

A lot of things had to work to allow this to happen and they all did. My brand new Focusrite 2i2 audio interface performed flawlessly. Microphones and guitars, computer, printer, router and DSL all worked. Websites worked, brain worked and circumstances allowed me to be left home alone. Thank you Universe!

These are not rehashes or developments of old ideas, each and every lyric/melody/chord progression came to me in the month. Do I have old tricks that I used? Of course. One thing that happened with the compressed time period was recognizing my tendencies and trying to not repeat myself. I also heard influences in my work. Thanks to all to whom I've listened. Can you find P-Funk, BeeGees, The Who? Extra credit for "The Rockford Files Theme". I relearned that having a goal and a deadline works for me. The supportive and encouraging atmosphere of the entire FAWM community was a blessing as well. I should also thank my wonderful teachers at Cornish College of The Arts. There's a little piece of them in each track.

Even though it is called "Album Writing Month", these tracks are too stylistically diverse to go on one album. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy them.

My FAWM homepage is located here.

The songs are not currently posted on line. Hopefully I can fix that after this year's event.

Thanks for listening.

JW Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

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