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Welcome to the Songwriter part of the site. I've been writing songs for a long time and this will be a place where I can share them with you. For most of my life songwriting has been up and down on my priority list. These days it's #1 with a bullet.

The Material - Some of this material was recorded recently and is already in digital format. That's the easiest to get up on the site. Some is older stuff that needs to be digitized and otherwise tweaked. I'll do what time allows.

Organization - This first draft is organized roughly by decades. Eventually I will have some other views available.

Copyright © - Except for the "Congressional Cup", I own the copyright to each and every one of these songs and performances, sometimes along with another person. That means I get to say what happens with them. So I'm saying you can download these (again except for the "Congressional Cup"), burn 'em on your road cd's and pass them on to your friends. I'm honored if you think any of my tunes are worth a listen. All I require is that you don't change the format/sampling rate and that all meta-data goes with the file. (That's how the player knows the song title, artist etc.) And, of course, you may not receive compensation in any form for them or make them available for public release in any medium. If you want to play them on your radio station or webcast, contact me and I will provide you with CD quality versions.

Now then, here are some collections of tunes followed by some more thoughts.

The Recordings - Except for the Trouble Boys songs and the "Congressional Cup", these were all recorded by me, at home, without assistance, using various technologies. In the past that included a Tascam Porta One 4-track cassette deck and a hodge podge of outboard gear. As of now, only a couple of those are on the site. The majority of the music on site now was recorded at various points in the evolution of my current setup.

This list reflects a recently completed and substantial upgrade. Basically my old computer didn't have the horsepower to complete the project so I built a new one. It's like a gamer machine without the really high end video card(s). If you want to build a DAW that kicks @$$, here's one.

The Trouble Boys "Blues All Over" was recorded, not surprisingly, by The Trouble Boys (of which I was one) at Jimmy Free Recording in Shoreline, WA.

Audio Format - I've chosen, for now, to use the mp3 format. It's fairly universal with many players available for free and otherwise. The newer material is encoded at 64kbps. That's FM but not CD quality. Hey, what do you want for free. Some of the old demos are at 96kbps. They were originally recorded on casette tape and just don't have any more fidelity to give. In the future I may find time to include such niceties as streaming audio, short samples etc. The sky's the limit but for now this will have to do.

Feedback - I'll be putting up a way to get your feedback real soon now.

That's it for now. Thanks for listening.

J W Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

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