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Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy it.


New Stuff

Discharge is just a holding collection for current work waiting to find a home in a real album. New material will be added from time to time.

Free download at.


Track This


Last year I was engaged in a weekly production competition called TrackBout where we were given a set of chords from a cover song and the task was to create our own instrumental track using at least half of those chords. The tracks were to be about 90 seconds long. It was mostly electronic music so I am operating under my nom d'electronique "Baldon". (Bal as in balance, don rhymes with zone.) It was a great learning experience for me. Unfortunately it has been discontinued at least for now.

I've remixed my nine tracks and issued them as an EP on BandCamp called "Track This" Free download at.

They're all short so please give them a listen and enjoy.


Tiger Eyes Live Stream
On June 26 I did a live stream for my high school Alumni Association's Friday Night Music series. It's about an hour of original music and is now available on youTube


A while back I released a new album; "Fast Lane Hero" You may have heard some of these songs before but all have been remixed and remasterd. Some are re-sung and have undergone other minor surgeries. Give a listen and let me know how it feels.

album cover Now Streaming free

album coverWhile you're at it, have another listen to my previous album "Second Hand Smoke" Streaming on Spotify.

Hope you're havin' as much fun as I am. ;)
More of my older work is on my SongWriter page. Please have a listen.
If you like it, just look for JW Hanberry on iTunes, CD Baby or Spotify. Fill up those iPods.

Thanks for listening,
JW Hanberry, GuitarSlinger

By the way, if you're looking for The Trouble Boys Red Hot Rockin' Blues,

Our CD, "Blues All Over" is available at CD Baby.

George has moved and is talking about reforming Boneyard. You can check his progress at Facebook/BoneyardBoogie
You can view his artwork at Facebook

Joe is rockin' the NorthWest with Bonecity. and "BonecityRocks" on Facebook

Jimmy is playing with Jimmy Free's Friends. Their site is

JW's right here.


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