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Websites of Current and Former Students

There is nothing more gratifying to me as a teacher than when my students put together a band and go out and play or write and record their own songs. That's the point after all. A few have done very well at it. It's standard these days for a band to have a website so here are the known websites of current and former students with their projects described mostly in their own words. For what it's worth they are in some weird cosmic random order.

* indicates a current student.

DISCLAIMER:I try to run a family friendly website however, the following links are to independently run websites over which I have no control. There may be language that is offensive to some. You youngsters might want to get Mom or Dad's help with this, OK?

* Sebastien Deramat  ¤   Special Explosion   ¤   Bellevue, WA
  • They call themselves an "Alternative / Indie Rock / Punk" band but there's a little progressive rock in there as well. I like this band a lot. They're very original but somehow accessible as well. Worth hearing.

    As I write this their upcoming release is being mastered. I've heard just a little and it's gonna be good. Wait for it...

    Doug Lutz  ¤   Youth Pastor (Substandard)/Buttercorpse   ¤   Seattle
  • Not a fancy money making band of course, just a hard rock outfit with a 7 song album that is just waiting to be mastered.
  • Meanwhile Doug has produced some pretty darn cool home recordings which are available at
    Jason Wakeham  ¤   Mind Candy   ¤   Seattle
  • Mind Candy is a ska/punk/rock band from the Seattle area. Since 1995 we've played scores of shows, made a ton of good friends and had a lifetimes worth of fun.
    Hans Haneberg  ¤   Potty Mouth Society/Potbelly   ¤   Bellevue/Whidbey Island
  • About a year ago, the biggest epic failure in Seattle Rock sought to reinvigorate their goal to completely destroy grunge as the face of the Seattle scene. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of misfortune. If you have a gig, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...
  • But wait, there's more...Hans is in another band! Potbelly.   They have a CD called Runs Good, Needs Work available at CD Baby
    Ben Blumstein  ¤   Mercer Island and Beyond
  • Become is Ben's solo album which he produced in released in 2011.

  • Looping beats with guitar and sometimes vocal.
    Click on Album:Kids With Crayons to hear all the cuts.
    Steve Sommer   ¤   Superhero Action Figures   ¤   Bellevue, WA
  • June 2009: Released Rock It Ship, a self produced, four song EP. Tight, powerful sound.
    Barry Ross   ¤      Vancouver, BC
  • Many moods.
    Ross DiJulio   ¤   The Babylon Project (formerly Mercury)   ¤   Mercer Island, WA
  • Jam Band / Progressive / Funk
    Whatever you call it, it's HOT. [ed]
    Adam Brown   ¤   Everyday Car Crash   ¤   Bellvue, WA
    ECC has gone the way of many good bands. They made some powerful music while they were around. Here is a link to their final unreleased EP from 2008:
  • Here are some videos:

    Everyday Car Crash released its self-titled debut EP in September 2007 after working with producer Teddy Chambers, a.k.a. Shadowkid.

  • Si Katara   ¤   Plasticade   ¤   San Francisco, CA
    • plasticade is taking their version of funk and groove and stamping it squarely on the foreheads of those punters enjoying the vibrant musical buffet available in the Bay Area.
    Shane Smith   ¤   Uncle Pooch  ¤   Seattle, WA and the road.
    • Shane moves on to the hard hitting Uncle Pooch. This eccentric quartet has been described as Slayer meets Pharoah Sanders’ evil twin. They turn heavy, sludgy grooves into quick-fingered riffs while disturbing melodies and noise scar your psyche. This blatant disregard for normalcy is what they’ve dubbed instrumental/metal/jazz or, Experi-Metal.

    • And then he takes a different turn with HeadLock.  HeadLocK is bound only by the collective imagination of its five members. Tonality is merely a point of origin. A groove or a tempo is just one of many that is being displayed at that moment in time, thus it can turn on a dime. With these concepts in mind, anything can happen.

      It is rumored that he, himself is now teaching.

  • These bands are putting out the effort to put their music out to the world. My hat's off to 'em.

    There was a form here for students to submit their sites. It's become a spam magnet. Someday I'll set up a Captcha for it but in the meanwhile I've just taken it down. If you are a current or former student and I have missed your site, you know how to reach me. I'll be glad to include you. As for the spammers out there, I hope you die an excruciatingly slow and painful death and spend eternity reading your own crap.

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